New Curriculum Added

New curriculum has been added to the the TEACH Classifieds - be sure to check out the different classifications on the blog.
Welcome to the new "TEACH Classifieds" blog.  
Information about posting is listed on the right - "how it works".

All ads are posted on a "categories" page that is listed on the right side, below the posting instructions.

This blog is a work in progress and will be tweaked as needed.  For now, it is best to just get it up and running so everyone can begin to use it.

Because both TEACH blogs are accessible to anyone, anywhere, you could be contacted by someone from across the nation.  You should mention, in your ad, that you are not willing to ship the items you are selling, unless you wish to consider that option.  That is up to you but it would be best to make that part of your ad.

I hope that everyone will find this site a great addition to the way we are able to communicate and share information within our group.